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Martin Rovers, PhD, is a professor and AAMFT Approved Supervisor in the Faculty of Human Sciences at Saint Paul University in Ottawa. He has been a health care practitioner for over 30 years, as a psychologist, marriage and family therapist, team leader, mentor, writer, and workshop presenter. Martin is the author of Healing the Wounds in Couple Relationships (Novalis, 2005) (find his book online at, Family’s Many Faces: Contempory Family Patterns and Challenges (2014: co-editor: Peeters, Belgium), and Touch in The Helping Relationships (Editor, 2015 in press) as well as many articles in the area of attachment within couples and family.

Martin’s therapeutic approach is based upon two areas of inquiry: 1) what is the emotional connection between you and your significant others today, such as partner, children, parents, and 2) what wounds of childhood are holding you back from a more loving and secure relationship and connection with others. Using emotionally focused relationship therapy and family of origin therapy, Martin has developed his own approach to therapy called Attachment in Family Therapy (AFT).

Martin’s areas of counselling interest include inter-partner touch in couple counselling, reconciling with aging parents, adult children caregivers, and family of origin dynamics. See some of Martin’s publications at:

Martin Rovers’ Counselling Philosophy

There are two reasons why people come into counselling: enough love for self and others or too much pain. Personal learning and growth are courageous acts of people who want to become better people, better partners and better parents. Growth in counselling requires both a deep knowledge of the human sciences and lots of practice of the required skills: my desire, as a counsellor, is to work with each client to seize the opportunity!!! Seize the day!!!!

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