ottawa family counselling

Ottawa Family Therapy Services

Families are complicated. It seems whenever you get two or more people together, family relationships, communication, sibling revelry, and parental favorites all place a strong emotional role in family harmony or family conflict. Family counselling can help take care of life’s precious relationships. But families are system, like dominos: if one element of the family breaks down, all the other elements are affected. Families can also grow and change as a unit. They work best when they work as a team. Understanding family and relationships dynamics, personal and parental wounds, sibling revelry, ect, all help each family member better understand the family dynamics, the family wounds, and thus the road to family healing. Ottawa family counselling can help when family relationships get stuck or there is family conflict.

Some family counselling issues include: parenting plans, blended families, children with developmental issues, caregiving for aging parents,facilitating parenting skills, parenting teens and youth.


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