5 Ways To Instantly Improve Your Marriage


improve your marriageYour marriage isn’t going to be a picnic every single day. But knowing that even the littlest gesture or event can ignite that spark is an empowering fact! Your day to day stresses and anxieties are going to take a toll on your relationship. Take the time – or make the time – to get back in touch with your partner. Here are five things you can do today to kick start the romance and partnership you crave in your marriage.

  • Transform Your Bedroom Into a Romantic Oasis

What’s on your bed right now? A pile of laundry? Dry cleaner bags? Many couples fail to remember that their bedroom should be a place where they express their affection in the most intimate way. Instead, bedrooms often becomes a dumping ground. What’s on your bedside table? Work from the office? Keep that out of the bedroom. Turn your bedroom into a romantic oasis today. Start by purchasing some new linens, maybe a few scented candles, or a new bedside table lamp. Little changes will make your bedroom feel brand new again. And then, leave the laundry and the paperwork where they should be – outside the bedroom!

  • Start a Tradition

It’s never too late to start a tradition. Think back to your childhood – what made holidays special? For many families, traditions marked the holiday season. Traditions no matter the season or the occasion make any event feel special. Start today by initiating either a couple focused or family focused tradition. (Or both!) Perhaps, Taco Tuesday, or a good old, competitive board game night. When it comes to just the two of you, make it special. Recreate old dates, or mark a special occasion with a couples massage.

  • Don’t Skip Date Night date night

It is way too easy to simply say you’re too busy for date night. All of a sudden, six months has gone by and you never got around to date night. The purpose of dating is to get to know your partner – a process that doesn’t stop just because you got married! Even after marriage, dates remain an important part of further developing your relationship with your partner. If weekly dates don’t fit into your schedule, make them every other week, or monthly. Don’t pencil in date night, schedule your other events around it! By the way, a trip to Costco doesn’t count as date night. Although, catching a movie afterwards sure does!

  • Cut Your Partner Some Slack

Everyone has their off days – including you and your partner. Cutting your partner some slack doesn’t mean letting them get away with anyone, it means you understand what they’re going through. Perhaps your partner is experiencing some distracting workplace stress, or they are simply having a rough week. During this time, pick your battles carefully. Instead, be a sympathetic ear, express your affection for them, and do what you can to lighten their load. You’ll certainly be happy when they return the favour next time you’re having a rough day!

  • Be Affectionatebe affectionate

When was the last time you told your partner that you loved them? Sure they know that you love them, but saying the words does wonders. But don’t stop there – hold hands, kiss, hug. Do all those things you promised you would never stop doing. Reaffirming your affection in verbal and nonverbal ways improves your relationship, making it stronger and more passionate in the long run.



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