Lessons Learned in Ottawa Marriage Counselling

married-coupleYou’ve heard the saying “you learn something new every day”, by this point in your life. Although sometimes it takes trial and error, we are of course, thankful for each lesson we learn, no matter how hard it was to get to that reflective state. Although having problems with your marriage is a difficult time, Ottawa marriage counselling sessions are aimed to help you and your partner find the light at the end of the tunnel.

If you’re having a frustrating time with your marriage, it’s time to let an outside perspective offer you the help that can make your marriage happy again. We encourage you to take a look at our list of valuable lessons learned in Ottawa marriage counselling sessions.

marriage-lessonsCommunicate Better

Easier said than done. We all know communication is important, but sometimes it’s hard to speak about certain things when we know it may not be exactly what our partner wants to hear, or is ready to hear. That being said, it’s an important lesson to learn how to communicate  in such a way that is patient, and isn’t self absorbed or ill intentioned. Toxic, selfish conversation, as you may have learned by now, will get you nowhere fast. It’s amazing to see how you can speak with each other when you learn how to practice good communication with your partner.  A common issue that starts a lot of fights between partners is not understanding the importance of listening. Ottawa marriage counselling aims to show help you see how difficult conversations become much easier to have with good communication.

Marriage Protection

It’s important to keep your guard up when it comes to influences like extended family, social media, trying work demands, and other people, because your marriage is a sacred part of your life that should be protected by both partners. Your marriage is important to you and your partner, but also to many others; your loved ones, your children if you have them, your friends, etc. Ottawa marriage counselling teaches you that it’s vital to protect your marriage from outside influences because if the marriage is crumbling, everyone else is likely feeling it with you. Guard your relationship and don’t discourage setting boundaries to keep unwanted influences away, because at the end of the day, your marriage is a sacred thing to many of those in your life.

Increase Intimacyintimate-mariage

Maybe you’ve noticed lately that you and your spouse are staring into screens more than staring into each others eyes. It’s something that is becoming more and more common with the digital age as booming as it is, and it’s effecting many marriages just like it is yours. These things happen. The lesson from Ottawa marriage counselling is that bonding intimately with your partner means making an effort towards touching each other, spending some time alone with one another and giving each other eye contact when the other is speaking. Even if it seems a little terrifying at first, you’ll come to find that increasing your intimacy is a valuable lesson in keeping that special spark alive.




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