Marriage Therapy and the Modern Power Couple

marriage therapy long work hoursYou both have sixty hour workweeks. The dishes haven’t been done for five days, but no one noticed because you barely have time to eat at home anyways, and you haven’t had date night in three months. Does this sound familiar? Chances are your marriage is perfectly fine. Does that have anything to do with the fact that you hardly have time to spend with each other?

Canadians are working harder and longer than ever before, and the ambitious city of Ottawa is no exception. Between multi-hour commutes, to bringing work home from the office, and the feeling of being constantly tethered to your email, it can be hard to tune out and reconnect with your partner. Ottawa Marriage therapy can help.

Couples Therapy Is For Everyone

It’s important to note that couples therapy is not just for couples who are in danger of ending their relationship – it is for everyone. Have you ever heard a couple describe their relationship as a “well oiled machine.” Well, like a well oiled machine, a relationship requires constant maintenance. You wouldn’t wait for your car to break down at the side of the highway before taking it in for a tune-up, why do the same to your marriage? Re-affirming the belief that marriage therapy has nothing to do with a failed relationship starts with you.

Schedule time for marriage therapy

Scheduling Time for Marriage Therapy

Have you ever noticed that taking care of yourself is often the last thing on your to-do list? The health of your relationship as well as your individual mental health deserves to be on par with sleep, diet, and exercise. So plan ahead! Use technology to coordinate both yours and your partner’s schedules and establish a time that you can devote to a marriage therapy appointment. For tips on finding a marriage counsellor in Ottawa that can help you achieve your goals see this article.

Establish Traditions

In addition to a time for a couples counselling appointment, schedule a time for the two of you to spend time together. Depending on the complexities of your schedules you may have to think outside the box! Take a long lunch, meet up for a daytime couples massage, see a movie, or even commute together when possible. Once you have established a tradition, stick to it! Don’t just pencil in time for each other – mark it in stone. That said, make sure to have realistic expectations for the time you spend together. Relaxation, and rejuvenation should be your goal for these traditions.

Set Goals!

Nothing affirms a feeling of togetherness like working towards a shared goal! Whether it’s a home improvement project, saving up for a second honeymoon, or planting a vegetable garden working together on a brand new project reminds you why you fell in love with your partner in the first place. Learn more about setting goals as a couple in this article.

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