Saying “Yes” to Couples Counselling Ottawa

hands-couples-counselling-ottawaWhile we’re sure you have a list of reasons to say no to going to couples counselling Ottawa, we want to help you see the light in a difficult situation. Turn that frown upside down, because we’ve been through this situation many times before and we have a lot to offer you in terms of relationship help. Although this is a tough emotional decision to make, there are many reasons to consider saying yes to couples counselling Ottawa. 

hearts-couples-counselling-ottawaThe Benefits of Couples Therapy

How can a couple tell if they would reap the benefits from couples counselling Ottawa? While it’s unique to each relationship, you should be able to recognize the point when the problems at home can no longer be dealt with at home. When you and your partner have reached a point where you’re not ready to give up, but are wearing down all at the same time, couples therapy has a lot to offer. Couples counselling Ottawa counsellors are focused on understanding the both of you, to give each of you equal amounts of time to voice your uninterrupted opinions, views, emotions, fears and hopes, and to assess the situation at hand to understand you. Another benefit is working through the issues, constructively, together. Sometimes the big issues never surface after huge blowouts because we dont’ know how to bring our thoughts out the right way; and couples counselling is great for changing the way we communicate through issues.

Decreases the Emotional Avoidancecouples-counselling-ottawa

You’re not alone if you have a tough time discussing your deepest feelings; but it puts you at greater risk of becoming emotionally distant in the long run and can be a big problem down the road. If you’ve been noticing a greater distance between you and your partner, couples counselling Ottawa can absolutely help bridge that gap and help you and your loved one be more emotionally available.  Your counsellor will encourage you to bring up your thoughts, and emotions that you may have been scared to bring up, in order to develop secure emotional attachments with one another (or perhaps to revive them). You shouldn’t feel so scared to be close to that special person in your life, but after a long time of pain, it’s difficult. There’s suggestions that developing better emotional tendencies in your relationship will carry over into other aspects of your life, reducing your overall fear of things keeping you from expressing yourself and living your life to the fullest.

Improves Clear Mindfulness

You’ll learn a lot in couples counselling Ottawa, one of the most important things being the ability to take a deeper, clearer look at your relationship and your life surrounding it. By being able to take an objective look at your relationship, you can help reduce any pre existing dysfunctional behaviours to feel the ability to be able to share with one another and communicate on a level you’ve never known. Each relationship has its unique strengths and difficulties, and you can give yours the best chance it’s got by saying “yes” to couples counselling Ottawa.



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