What To Expect From Couples Counselling

Ottawa couples therapyCouples counselling, couples therapy, marriage counselling, etc. Whatever you want to call it, entering into your first sessions of professional help to address problems in your relationship is never an easy experience. When you know what to expect out of your counselling experience, you remove an element of mystery that can cause significant anxiety, making the whole experience better and more effective. Learn more from Ottawa Marriage Therapists.

Your First Session

Every therapist has their own set of preferred methods, techniques, and approaches when it comes to managing their sessions. While the ‘flavour’ of an experience will vary from therapist to therapist, there are still some overriding themes that you can generally expect, especially when it comes to the first session.

Marriage therapy. Couple with an advisor.The first session with a new therapist almost always is about information gathering. Your therapist will want to know what you expect to get out your sessions, and you’ll probably want to know what you’re expected to put into them.

Your first session is less about addressing problems in your relationship, and more about simply getting to know eachother. While the first session is the one most are nervous about, the truth is that there’s nothing to fear! Like the first day of a new class, the first day of marriage counselling is only about laying out expectations.

Moving Forward

After your first session, the work truly begins. Having established a cursory impression of your relationship dynamic and the problems you’d like to address, your therapist will use their expertise to probe deeper and get to the core of your relationship’s problems.

How exactly they do this comes down to the individual therapist. With hundreds of different techniques and methods available, there’s no way to comprehensively describe what your sessions are going to look like, but don’t think you’re likely to be surprised. During the first session, any therapist will be sure to make sure you’re fully informed of exactly how sessions will proceed.

It Starts With Reaching Out

couples therapy ottawa counselling marriage relationshipMost think the first step down the road of couples counselling is the one they make entering their therapists office. While this step is an important one, the truth is that it only happens after the work of finding an appropriate therapist is done. When it comes to marriage therapy in Ottawa, Ottawa Marriage Therapists offers one of the most convenient means available to do this.

If you are interested in finding out if marriage therapy is right for your relationship, or simply would like to know more about the process, feel free to get in touch! In addition to matching you with marriage counselor that best meets the needs of your relationship and life, we are happy to answer any questions you may have, so don’t hesitate to reach out!


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