3 Subtle Changes To Improve Your Marriage Counselling

marriage-counselling-affectionWhen you go to marriage counselling to improve that sacred bond, you learn a lot about how to positively behave toward your spouse (and vice versa) to reignite a spark and keep your marriage healthy. Improving a marriage doesn’t always require gigantic leaps and bounds to keep it flowing. For some couples, rather, changing a few of your habits are what make the biggest difference in how you feel about your relationship. So while you’ve taken that gigantic first step of going to marriage counselling to help that relationship grow, there are a lot of small changes you can incorporate into your lifestyle to make even more of your valuable marriage counselling sessions. Here’s our list of those subtle, yet impactful changes to help you on your way to marital bliss!

Work On Building The Romancemarriage-counselling-date

The romance in the bedroom can do either one of two major things; spark the fiery romance or douse the flame. The child sleeping between you and all the clean (but not yet put away) heap of clothes  and stale sheets probably isn’t giving off any lusty ambitions. Want to feel the romance when you enter the room? Treat it like a romantic vacation spot. Fix up and clean up the master bedroom with a little paint, fresh sheets and organization. Maybe even schedule a date night once each week, focused around that romantic vacation feeling your bedroom’s evoked. Commit to one night each week without any distractions or excuses, to nourish your relationship. It doesn’t have to be lavish (money gets tight, we get it!), but you can be creative and find free and low-cost date ideas that will help you grow the fire together.

Make A Few Marriage Counselling Inspired Goals

You know all those valuable lessons you’re learning in your marriage counselling sessions? Put them to work! Take the skills you’re learning to set daily or weekly marriage goals. What would happen if you woke up each day with a new goal, that you both worked on diligently, together? Great things, we tell you! They don’t necessarily have to be huge goals, but may be along the lines of “say three positive things to each other” or “be more patient and less irritable today” would be a great place to start. Stay focused, and make the conscious decision to do kind things and spend quality time together working towards your marriage counselling-inspired goals. These are goals to make like easier for you and your spouse, to give you more time to focus on how the marriage is making life better.

Treat Your Marriage Counselling Partner With Utmost Respectmarriage-counselling-love

First thing’s first, turn off all the distractions when you’ve noticed you just said “Yup”, without any clue as to what your spouse actually just said. When you blend your spouse’s voice into the background and tune them out, your communication is lacking some serious respect. How would you feel if they did that when you wanted to tell them something exciting about your day? Treat your spouse better than you’d treat anyone else. We can all make a better effort to use those marriage counselling boundaries or listening to one another, and giving them our highest respect.


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