3 Ways To Get More Out Of Your Marriage Counselling

marriage-counselling-handsAfter marriage comes the blissful honeymoon. For many, the honeymoon phase fades and things get complicated. Rather than being overcome by stress and giving up all hope, some couples decide to enter marriage counselling. Like many couples who decide to go to therapy, they expect to see some changes but aren’t exactly sure how marriage counselling works beyond talking with their therapist and learning some skills. After diving into the effective therapy sessions, many couples realize how useful couples therapy is and how much it improves their relationship; but there are a few things you and your partner can do to get even more out of your marriage counselling. 

marriage-counselling-kissSetting Marriage Counselling Goals

The major focus of marriage counseling is for you and your partner is to improve your relationship, particularly when it comes to your responses to each other and to identify and honour your core values. Setting goals and objectives for your marriage counselling sessions is a thorough way to make sure you focus on what you want, and can plan out the steps to getting there with your partner and your counsellor as your support. Think about setting goals revolving around the kind of life you want to build together, the kind of partner you aspire to be, the individual blocks to becoming the kind of partner you want to be, and the skills and knowledge you’d need to acquire from marriage counselling to achieve the aforementioned goals. With these goals in mind, your marriage counselling can help you get to know yourself better, as well as your partner and the interactions in your developing marriage.

Understand There Are Tough Choices To Make

We know that getting to marriage counselling sessions wasn’t an easy decision, but we’ll be honest; there are going to be some tough choices you’ll have to make. There are some difficult tasks at hand, but understanding and being willing to make those tough decisions is necessary for creating and sustaining improvement in your marriage. For marriage counselling, you’ll have to make the decision to give up some of your time, but all in effort to create a flourishing relationship. Another difficult thing is compromising a little bit of your comfort. Emotionally going out on a limb to try new things and think differently, but all in effort to listen to one another, and ultimately improve your marriage.

Identify and Change Your Marriage Counselling Patternsmarriage-counselling-couple

Over time in marriage counselling, you may get to a point where you question whether or not you’re actually getting anywhere.  Maybe you’ve shown up to therapy, but don’t know what to talk about. Maybe you’re discussing a fight you’re in right now and bringing it up grinds your gears. Identifying these broken patterns is a way to make the marriage counselling process more effective.  Taking a powerful look into the approach of your sessions is important because you’re identifying the patterns that do and don’t work; and that’s a good skill to keep working with. Get more out of your marriage counselling by reflecting on the good patterns and improving the faulty ones.



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