The Benefits of Couples Counselling During a Rocky Patch

happy couple after therapyRelationships come with all sorts of ups and downs. Stress at work, difficulty navigating a relationship with an ex-partner, establishing your co-parenting and discipline style, treading the murky waters of life with teenage children, and more. All of these events come with a myriad of emotional and behavioural responses that can potentially wreak havoc on your what was once effortless relationship.

Couples Counselling During a Rough Patch

Couples counselling has a huge number of benefits. For a brief overview of the many benefits associated with couples counselling, see this article. While you certainly don’t need to be experiencing a rocky patch in your relationship to benefit from couples counselling, that is undeniably an occasion when many of our clients book an appointment. For many couples, periods of extreme stress can cause fractures in what was once an ideal relationship. Our professional and experienced counsellors can help you learn how to support each other during this time.

Riding the Relationship Rollercoaster

Experiencing ups and downs comes with the territory in a relationship. Workplace stressors, difficult family dynamics, mental illnesses, medical conditions, and so much more can all have a direct effect on the relationship shared by two people. Whether you both are experiencing a stressful situation, or one partner is bearing the brunt of it alone, marriage counselling can teach you how to offer your support.

building a stronger relationshipThe Art of Productive Conversation

Couples counselling helps you have the difficult conversations that will in the long run benefit your relationship. Instead of having to navigate incredibly confusing conversations regarding the health of your relationship, our experienced couples counsellors will help guide your conversations in respectful, and productive directions. During these conversations you will learn how to express yourself in a way that allows you to convey your emotions with clarity and confidence.

In many partnerships, the feeling that you are not being heard, or worse, that your opinions are being misconstrued and misunderstood can be debilitating. The structured atmosphere of couples counselling allows you the benefit of having your voice heard. Couples counselling is based on tenets of respect and acceptance. Instead of judging your partner’s behaviours and emotions, couples counselling makes a concerted effort to understand them.

Setting Goals In Your Relationship

For many of the ambitious individuals that our Ottawa office has the privilege to see, setting goals together is an effective strategy for strengthening their relationship. Setting and achieving goals gives you something to work towards – as a team. Chances are, when you first started dating everything you did was as a team. As times goes on, your pursuits gradually become more solitary. Often times striving towards career, fitness, even personal goals can draw attention away from your relationship. With couples counselling, we help you set goals that enhance your relationship as well as your personal life. Learn more about setting goals together with this article.

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