The Unsung Benefits of Marriage Counselling

marriage-counselling-ottawa-therapist-sessionWe’ll let you in on some sage advice: “You could use marriage counselling if a) you’re married, and b) you’re breathing” – Matthew Turvey.

Everyone can benefit from marriage counselling. The help of a licensed marriage and family therapist (or more generally, as a whole, from marriage counselling) affords you and your spouse numerous ways to draw on change bring that you’re having a struggle accomplishing your own. As a safe and supportive environment, marriage counselling fosters positivity to identify and communicate any recurring issues, feelings and behaviours that have made it difficult for your marriage to flourish. Having an open environment makes it easier to have constructive conversations for you and your partner to facilitate understanding and move forward, making positive, lasting change. But chances are you’ve heard about all that already – so today, we’re writing about the unsung benefits of marriage counselling; the ones you’ve yet to discover.

marriage-counselling-problems-head-onFacing Your Problems Head On

You’re not alone if you’ve swept your problems under the rug. Actually, most couples keep the troubling things hush-hush, justifying the issues by way of lack of time or busy lifestyles. The things hurting your marriage are tough to bring up, because, well, they’re hurting your marriage and talking about them makes you vulnerable. That’s scary! But what should be scarier is staying silent about those things for extended periods of time, letting them fester until they can’t be hidden any longer; that’s far more damaging than confronting the tough issues. Confrontation can be learned in marriage counselling sessions, with a therapist who’s trained to bring those missed conversations back into focus.

An Unbiased Set Of Eyes and Ears

How many times have you been mid-battle, wishing you had someone to hear you out? We’ve all been there! Before you get to the next altercation, try marriage counselling. Your therapist has practiced the delicate act of standing as an unbiased advisor, to mediate the rocky phases. It’s human nature to want to run to your parents to find solace, but more often than not that’s one of the worst moves you could make for helpful advice (when it comes to your marriage scuffles). Our relatives, friends and especially parents are probably going go give a biased opinion. Have you noticed that your best friend always encourages your decisions, and supports you even when you might not be right? Yes, your loved ones understand you more than most people, but it’s not exactly fair to your partner to take the partial advice you gathered from an extremely biased party. Marriage counselling, on the other hand, can give you an entirely unbiased, uninvolved support without judging either of you to help you move forward, constructively.

marriage-counselling-familyMarriage Counselling Means Cooperative Support

Here’s the kicker; nobody wins after a fight. It takes a lot to realize it, and after a single marriage counselling session, you’ll realize this too. It’s hard to wrap your head around, but you’ll learn that once you can both grow from your differences, the better. Marriage counselling is essentially more of a self-discovery journey, with the help of your counsellor. Having frequent sessions to help you move closer to your goals allows you to work on achieving your goals. Your therapist is dedicated to monitoring your progress with you, as a cooperative support to encourage you and your partner’s progress along the journey.


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