3 Things Counsellors Want You to Know About Marriage Counselling

marriage counselling ottawaMost enter into marriage with high expectations, but as the years progress, find that they are not in the relationship they thought was waiting for them. When they can’t seem to find the path to where they want their marriage to be, it’s not uncommon to seek guidance in the form of marriage counselling. Most enter into counselling without a few common misconceptions, and clearing them up can help you get the best value from your first sessions, so here are 3 things counselors want you to know about marriage counselling! Read More

Working on Emotional Translation

Marriage Counselling OttawaWorking on ones listening skills is a vital part of maintaining any healthy relationship, but doing so requires more than simply hearing what a person has to say.

Hearing is a passive thing. It only requires us to dedicate our attention to a speaker and simply hear what they have to say.

Listening is an active thing. It requires a little less hearing, and a whole lot more thinking. Truly listening requires a person to dig below the surface meaning of words to get to the meaning of what a person is trying to communicate.

In the pursuit of maintaining healthy, long-lasting relationships, we need to cultivate our skills of Emotional Translation. Find out how with Marriage Therapists Ottawa.

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What To Expect From Couples Counselling

Ottawa couples therapyCouples counselling, couples therapy, marriage counselling, etc. Whatever you want to call it, entering into your first sessions of professional help to address problems in your relationship is never an easy experience. When you know what to expect out of your counselling experience, you remove an element of mystery that can cause significant anxiety, making the whole experience better and more effective. Learn more from Ottawa Marriage Therapists. Read More

Managing Your Relationship Over The Holidays

ottawa christmas marriage therapy holidaysWhen it comes to making it through the holidays alive, those in the midst of relationship problems often consider just surviving a success. The holiday’s are supposed to be so much more than that, but when you’ve got troubles in your marriage, family festivities can often be a pressure-cooker that brings the worst out of your relationship. Learn how to manage your relationship by managing your environment with Marriage Therapists Ottawa.

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Relationship and Marriage Therapy Services, One And The Same.

Marriage Therapy Services

The Problem

Marriage Therapy ServicesThose in non-married relationships are often struck by problems that could be addressed in counseling, but are prevented from entering into counseling out of a uninformed idea of what it’s is all about, and who it is for. Placing too much emphasis on the idea and institution of marriage than the average, people often think that what’s expected of them in a relationship changes once they reach the other side of an arbitrary moment in time when both man and woman say “I do”. Before that moment, counseling is seen as an acceptance of defeat; after that moment, a statement about a couple’s commitment to a long-lasting relationship. This idea; that couples counseling is inappropriate before marriage, is completely absurd and has been the downfall of too many relationships that could have flourished. Don’t let your relationship join their number. Read More

How Seeking Relationship Counselling Makes Your Relationship Stronger

Relationship Counselling OttawaRelationship Counselling is Not Evidence of a Failing Relationship.

Most people take relationship counselling to be a bad omen for a couple, especially in an unmarried relationship. The explicit acknowledgement that you’ve got problems feels like a bad thing because by seeking it out, you’re admitting that you’ve got problems you can’t solve alone. It feels like an admission of defeat, like if you can’t solve this; then the relationship might as well be over anyway. If you’ve got relationship problems that you are struggling to solve, challenging your views on the nature of relationship counselling, and what it says about your relationship can prove central to strengthening your relationship.

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Finding Couples Therapy in Ottawa

CouplesTherapyOttawa2You love your partner, your partner loves you. But things aren’t going the way you feel they should be. You’re interested in couple’s therapy, so you reach out online to find a therapist, and are left with more questions than answers. Which type of therapy is best? Which therapist is best for you? You’re overwhelmed and not sure what to do next.

We understand. We can help.

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The Unsung Benefits of Marriage Counselling

marriage-counselling-ottawa-therapist-sessionWe’ll let you in on some sage advice: “You could use marriage counselling if a) you’re married, and b) you’re breathing” – Matthew Turvey. Read More

4 Bad Habits Couples Counselling Relieves

marriage-therapists-ottawa-coupleThere are so many ways you can improve your relationship with couples counselling. There’s a lot you can learn from the techniques your counsellor teaches you in your sessions, and valuable information for you to take with you into other relationships and parts of your life. But what about those bad habits that are so deeply rooted? Believe it or not, couples counselling can help relieve a handful of those bad habits, too.

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Family Therapy and The Mindful Family

family-therapy-mindfulFamilies are equally as great as they are complicated. When you’ve got a whole group of relationships, communication styles, sibling revelries and personalities at play, everything combined makes for a strong emotional toll on everyone involved. Sometimes it’s sweet harmony, and other times it’s brutal conflict. Wouldn’t it be great to have more of the happy and less of the complicated? Family therapy really can help take care of life’s precious relationships. Being mindful of the way families work systematically, similar to dominos, paying attention to the growing and changing, helping the team work. Read More